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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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borders strikes turkey fires are syria again in response to a mortar attack as the turkish prime minister says the country will go to war if provoked. the. return of the republican crowd to rally for venetian independence frustrated they say with rome's cuts and calling for the thousand years state to make a comeback. hundreds demand an end to u.s. drone attacks in pakistan with the two day march into the heart of the strike zone .
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seven am in moscow. good to have you with us here on r t our top story turkey launched a fresh artillery strike on syria in response to another mortar attack from across the border started its shelling wednesday in retaliation for a syrian mortar round that killed five turkish civilians our middle east correspondent paula sleeper has more. we do know that the mortar bomb landed in the countryside in turkish that territory so it is possible that no one in fact was injured or killed we also have no word on who was responsible for the later mortar from syria what i can tell you though is that almost immediately turkey responded and went on the offensive meaning that we had the situation along the turkish syrian border intensifying it's not a back on wednesday when a mortar bomb fired from syria killed five turkish citizens and since then the situation has nearly escalated we're hearing from the turkish prime minister that he does not want a situation of war but he has warned the syrians not to make
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a fatal mistake and that is a quote from him and taste his resolve the syrians for their side has apologized for those what is interesting is that you need to realize that these waters that are being fired from syria into turkey all close range missiles now they are coming from territory that is controlled by the syrian rebels so this is why many are suggesting that perhaps they are being fired on purpose they're being fired to provoke the situation and create a false flag operation now the reasoning behind this could be that turkey for some time has been calling for a no fly zone it might be provoked into calling for foreign intervention and for nato to get involved in fact we've heard some rebel leaders in exile call for this although the majority of exiles in the majority of syrians are against this but the situation intensifying on the ground and everyone concerned that we could see this border tension is collating to some kind of regional conflict the battle certainly is intensifying the latest there's
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a video that has now been released by the syrian rebels we have no confirmation as to be or a patient of the video but in it it does claim that the rebels will start executing forty eight muslims from iran if damascus does not meet the demands of the syrian rebels now there has been dialogue and some kind of negotiations. wow between the syrian government and believing in government at the same time just outside damascus the rebels have shot down a syrian helicopter gunship but this comes as shelling continues between both sides in several cities of onto the country russia has come to the fore in the media a treaty role it has said that it hopes the united nations envoy to syria will be coming to moscow perhaps the later this month and may to they hope that both sides will explain its course and moscow also saying that these cross border incidents are completely unacceptable after turkey's parliament authorized troops to launch
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cross border operations against syria the country's prime minister warned augur a wal-mart show away from war of provoked journalist and author often retards he thinks damascus will retaliate if pulled into a bigger conflict. this kind of flashpoint is the kind of flashpoint that can create world war three. some people have it this is a false flag operation we're getting these reports this continued as it were a reaction from the jets government ok so everyone will base political problems at home but then why were they speaking with the iranians talking about how this needs a diplomatic solution not a military one if turkey continued under the agreement. this would draw in a way to situation a wider vs your old war and risks expanding it to be below syria and the people of turkey will not benefit from this nato says that they'll defend any major member if you continue like this syria might see itself getting increasingly desperate and
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that retaliate with full force then it's up to the united states. britain and europe behind nato allies to figure out what to do what we need urgently right now is a peace conference certainly it's up to china and russia because they're the only people stopping a full scale war the kind of war that will only help but fall. says it looks like such as united states is again supporting. drug use to do on should know much better than to try and help out god he's been doing his best to fight the forces of his residence the republic of venice could be planning a glorious comeback supporters of venetian independence from italy are demanding the region go it alone tired they say of being saddled with rome's austerity so latest in a number of european regions pardon me european regions considering independence including scotland in the u.k. catalonia in spain professor load of eco pits sati who separatist party organized
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the rally thinks venice will fare better on its own more in a situation worse than a colony because there's a worse once they tax free in italy it's the highest in the world and our services are. already extremely poor we have about twenty billion a sin from other regional resources each year and that's how bearable and these things. a couple of days ago there was a siege of say marks belt powered by four workers and there's this situation here in van it so it's it's almost explosive sold so they we and the thousands of people who have gathered in krakow there are regional government for sure in italy who are not they only want there to be in sort of the in yeah i have a strong lumens for it of course where they they've best organized but soon after i know it's going to happen to other regions of italy. it turns out walking your dog
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or feeding the birds could land you in a spot of bother in many london parks civil rights groups have accused the city of cracking down on minor infractions despite there being a little info on what activities are banned and where r.t. sarah firth reports from london. here in this park in london if your found drinking alcohol or growing up all or even feeding the pigeons you could inadvertently be committing a criminal or civil offense surprise will serve a lot of people the band in london map shows a whopping four hundred thirty five probation zones aimed at tackling anti social behavior the might of been a good policy idea in theory has local people say and it up a very bad policy in practice meaning hardline crackdowns on the soft this of misdemeanors disconcertingly many bars in london have now hired private contractors to carry out the enforcement of these fines phil morris knows all about the after
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his local council hired actual services he received an eighty pound penalty for dropping a cigarette butt and that he maintains he didn't know it was illegal he refused to pay two for weeks later. so just two are ex for the private security and surveillance of the providers a so-called in full sprint offices in the u.k. contracted by some local councils first start the kitted out with cameras and uniforms but their tactics of pursuing these fines often seem far from professional was. well the white. people we asked those local council for their response they told see these new offices back up for the public with the actions of the minority. and move in
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the fowls. and not get paid unless the issue is fine appropriately unsurprising that the areas where x. will have been hired. increase in the number of fines that a receipt and there's now concern over whether that is or ethical becomes ability of the transparency i recently dealt in the home affairs select committee which looks at these issues with the case of the london bar of new and which has law enforcement officers who are in fact cops officials but dressed up like police have been promised the commission is going to look into it because it's it's actually i think a criminal activity to pretend to be a police officer when you're not and i'm very concerned about how that trend is going i think in the past. that people knew the law the law was reasonable and so long as you were creating a problem then you could do what you like but increasingly it seems that that is no longer the case these findings may be surprising for some but the truth is these
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types of laws in offenses have been creeping up on us the some time now and they're actually growing in number so also the moment you can enjoy the parks in london but every day. there is wally gearing up for its presidential vote as its longstanding. one holding on to the reins of power for another six years story. their show. she. was about to you. but the residue never. coming all the signals are there if you look up and there's one tapping on you he alpha beta gamma he was always the
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fine now trying to treat he's let me know what's going on pinpoint. right now. dog shows become income mortal danger. my parents really truly honestly believe that what had happened was as a result of my father's exposure to agent orange i was born with multiple problems . i was missing my leg and my fingers and my big toe on my right foot i use my hands a lot in my artwork i find myself drawing my hands quite a bit to me where my hands you know just as if anyone would. but they do tell a story they tell
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a story of. oxen. hundreds of peace activists have joined a two day march in pakistan against u.s. drone strikes in the country the convoy which is traveling from islamabad to south waziristan is being led by cricket legend imraan khan who since become an opposition politician the region is a hotbed of taliban insurgency in a major focus of the u.s. strikes political activist thinks the rally is supported by the broader pakistani
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public. the lords the grand jury go of that region has welcomed in india it would be only an assistance that is being provided by the government box which does not want to open this area of new exposure because for the past five years they've been hiding the fact that zones have been attacking this region on the on the public front they actually deny it but on privately behind the doors with the us government they actually accept the fact just in a simple attack on a silver entity and unfortunately for the past five years our government has actually bought into the american war on terror the american war it has now become our war and they should be should catch on all of these terrorists that are doing it but unfortunately not able do not able to handle the economic affairs of the country let alone disturb the mission that has been before and a country. well the us drone strikes in pakistan is too much for many of its people the leaders of neighboring afghanistan see the us isn't doing enough to root out
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terrorists hiding just across the border defense secretary leon panetta has called on the afghan president to thank u.s. troops raf and criticize them this in response to hamid karzai has complained that washington needs to pursue pakistani militants more aggressively and their war activist don de bar is critical of nato's role in the entire region. the united states has a blind spot to the fact that people tend to have an affinity for their national sovereignty that doesn't disappear just because their country is occupied by the united states and you have this manifest in afghanistan to the point where it's now obvious that if you and an afghani comprador soldier a weapon and show them how to use it they turn it on the american soldier that handed it's of them the people of afghanistan want the united states out and it's a natural thing for that to occur and the united states just doesn't see that one of the goals of the us imperial project is to where they can't completely dominate
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a place leave the people at each other's throats while they carry off the resources and so there's agitation for that that's put into play as the united states enters these countries what will happen in two thousand and fourteen is the afghanis will have an opportunity to settle their own national issues themselves without an occupying army directing the effort still to come one giant leap from mars online nasa and the russian space agency planned and extended a one year mission for find out it r t dot com how the lengthy mission could bring us closer to manned flights to the red planet plus. hokus pokus performance david blaine attempts to go three days but out food and sleep all channeling electric power into more than a million volts more details on a magician stunt at our t.v. dot com.
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riot police in bahrain fired tear gas and water cannons at anti-government protesters after a funeral march for an activist who died in custody turn. violent demonstrators accuse the government of denying the man treatment but the authorities claim he died of a blood disease pro-forma crowds trying to reach their former hub pearl square in the capital munnabhai which is now heavily fortified by police protesters threw firebombs in iraq's tear gas canisters were hurled of them by police sunni monarchy has been cracking down on the shia opposition first some twenty months now activists demanding equal rights and the release of political prisoners including prominent human rights activist and a bill regime currently serving three years in prison in prison for attending an illegal rally former bahraini m.p. said had we says certain states only get involved when it benefits them. the
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problem and the double stunned which in practice by only those who student john trees. then they do consider them on those regimes who have some. let's say we each relationship with them probably they consider them as any means but like it's a product of the system they have not software lasers ship they give them some let's say support stood as a whip proves they take some for the cities and they have the only from out of countries down. what's happening here old though it's not done what's happening somewhat outs today's a day of campaign silence in venezuela ahead of the tightly contested presidential vote your action will reveal how many remain loyal to the outspoken socialist leader who go chavez his opponent meanwhile and retake a privilege as
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a young lawyer and staunch critic of the government is predicted to give him a run for his money at the polls or he's losing cuffing of his more from caracas. the stakes could not be higher as venezuelans take to the polls to determine who will leave their country for the next six years at one end its president incumbent president hugo chavez. as it was represented a radical change for venezuela and the region as a whole under his so-called twenty first century socialism policies what this has meant is the nationalization of certain industries as well as the use of venezuela's revenues from oil exports to really focus attention on some of the more seconds of the population here this has meant policies that have improved health care education given the poor access to housing things that have really earned who has a massive massive popular support at the same time venezuela is plagued with a high crime rate one of the highest in the world as well as corruption and these are just some of the issues that have been seized on by the opposition candidate and the previous he's a forty year old very wealthy businessman who has energized the population has also
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criticised the country's economic policies now and he's also promised to improve relations with the west now critics say and fear although this is something that could be this in the eyes that he would really represent a radical shift for the country in the sense that he could impose austerity programs and possibly roll back some of those popular economic social justice missions that hugo chavez has put into place this is something that has really concerned people and has raised a lot of questions about the future of this country for the issue of electoral fraud is always a concern there are some nineteen million of registered voters who will be taking to the polls throughout the day now what's interesting to us is people that we've spoken to on the street both supporters and opponents of president hugo chavez have said that electoral fraud on election day isn't really something they're concerned with that venezuela has one of the most developed systems of voting in the world it's an electronic system where people vote with their thumbs the results get sent to a central headquarters and are tabulated right away electronically and in fact president
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hugo chavez found this issue to be so important that he decided to host a surprise press conference just hours before the polls opened now again the last time venezuelans took to the polls to vote for their president was six years ago there is massive excitement here both candidates have called on supporters to come to the streets early even hours before the polls opened. it's a very festive mood people are very excited about this opportunity to really have a strong say about which direction they want their country and the region to go on americans will also add to the polls next month to decide whether to keep barack obama as their president or switch to mitt romney but while some critics say the u.s. electoral system fails to give citizens a real choice many voters themselves seem to be growing bored of the ballot our very own resident to new york has more. the two thousand and twelve presidential elections why are they so boring this week let's talk about that. so tired of all of it you know i mean it's almost like it's
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more than twenty four hours a day coverage on everything you know no matter what happens and nothing happened exactly having said that i think obama is going to win do you think he believes in himself as much as he did four years ago because he seems kind of tired he seems like he's a little frustrated i think he's more tired of me. just all of this like he just wants to get it over to november and just like ok give me you know let me win with the first african-american president so exciting no it's boring me i don't know if there's going to be as much of a turnout for voters this year are you going to vote. we're talking about the election you know. i'm not american you guys don't let me. yeah we don't we don't want a lot of americans vote too apparently why do you want to run don't you think either candidate can get it done i think there's too much corruption in the government and the bush kerry kerry yeah i was just like like which one do i like the least ok
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i'll use the other for the other one yeah yeah so it's kind of the same thing as two thousand and four that maybe it's just like one of those here like they just wants to be to get it over with and they just want to hear more details on plans get it over. and get on with a dumb thing right saying yeah good they do this thing that i'm not that smart. they're the smart ones with all the millions of dollars do you think they get put on a better salary. and whether or not you think this election is boring the bottom line is we only have about a month until it's finally over and we can all gladly move on. take a look now at some other stories making global headlines israel shot down a droll over the country's southern desert unclear who launched the aircraft but suspicion is falling on the lebanese militant group hezbollah israeli officials
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call the incident a potential act of terror and threaten to retaliate this marks the first time in more than six years a hostile aircraft has entered israeli airspace. missile seconds. the radicals in the suspected of a grenade attack on a jewish market was killed during one of several counter terror operations throughout france germany sydney is believed to have injured one person in an attack on the jewish community last month during the raid police also detained ten others allegedly connected with a wave of anti-semitic attacks that have hit the country. the pope's former butler has been handed an eighteen month sentence after he stole then sold to a journalist sponsors private letters gabrielle said he would not appeal the verdict he's set to serve his sentence under house arrest but a powerful spokesman says the pope will most likely pardon his former aide the high profile leak was exposed one of the italian journalist published a book accusing church leaders of numerous intrigues corruption and homo sexual
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affairs. and minors in south africa gathered for a rally against dismissal of twelve thousand of their colleagues who were sacked after staging a strike demanding better pay and working conditions protesters are also mourning their colleagues killed by police in brutal clashes that started two months ago the death toll in the ongoing unrest so far stands at forty eight. up next a look at the scars of conflict still visible almost forty years after the vietnam war our special report coming up. if. the show would be soon which brightened. soon from phones to freshen it's. nice from stunts
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on t.v. don't come. to the. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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while. california just offers an air show and an issue. doesn't matter you. must lose. never profited from the performance. of coming. in you look up and. know what's going on. right now. shells become income mortal danger and a piece of art. is exempt. from
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free. to. see a story. and realize. the big picture. see. the end or. the end.
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i mean all oh here is dealing with p.t.s.d. and vietnam an aging or a new vietnam aging orders as well as like all those years you know america's moved on left us stuck in time how dare they we're going to come out and we're going
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we're going to take over where the veterans voice has has been stopped has been discontinued they think that that's all that was necessary to hide their law is but they're wrong because they forgot about the widow this is a piece they did after my daughter danielle and i had the diagnosis with her spine are we in the process of getting the diagnosis this is. agent orange is evil. and. my husband bernard and six very much like like he did and my youngest daughter lizbeth ten she's in prison and my everything that's happened to us plus service asperger's and the alcohol and drug abuse.


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